• Format: LP
  • Band: Luno
  • Title: Zeroth
  • Band's Origin: CS
  • Style: psychedelic Rock, female vocals, English lyrics
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2012
  • Recording Year: 2012?
  • Production Year: 2012
  • Record Company: Indies Scope
  • Item's Number: MAM 521-1
  • Color of the Label: brown
  • Edition:
  • Extras:
  • EAN: 8595026652118
  • Weight: 242 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Indies Scope Release Information

“Zeroth”, the new album, presents Luno in an unusually varied range of melancholic electro rock. Ema Brabcová and Šmity, who both started in the Roe-Deer band now, push their project Luno, together with the guitarist Martin Starý and drummer Jan Janečka, with their third album yet a little bit further. Seemingly simple arrangments intensify the atmosphere of the songs so that the dreamy vocals by Ema Brabcová stands out. Still the new record partially reveals yet unexpected moods of the band and of Ema Brabcová as well; normally the “dark”, almost depressive band clears up here and there and sounds even optimistically thanks to the lyrics.

Luno had been recording in the summer months of 2012, not even a half-year after releasing the EP Litáto. Nevertheless, there is a shift not only in sound but also in the entire impression. “It was created very fast. We were recording the entire summer holiday, plus we were also creating new songs. And then, I was working on the lyrics for another month and a half. This time, the lyrics were quite interesting for me, I think I have reached the bottom (God knows what kind of bottom it was). The album is colorful in case of moods. It ranges from my favorite one which is kind of a evil one, through a darkened one, a melancholic one, a mood full of hope, a romantic one to a “quite cheerful one”. That’s a quite wide range so I asked myself whether it is even possible to tie it up into a knot and consider it an album,” confesses Ema Brabcová. In the final “yes” which is represented by the album “Zeroth”, Šmity and the producer Tuzex have a big share, they are responsible for the technical side of the album. The characteristic sound, tempo and arranges remain the same, yet there is a little bit more of optimism lightening up the usual wall of dreariness.

The work of the band Luno is, despite of its electronic sound, strongly emotional. Ema Brabcová has always written her own lyrics and on this album, she is also the author or co-author of all songs and so the overall change in concept of the album is also a reflection of her own experience. “This time, the lyrics are quite colorful. It’s because I feel like that. Lately, my emotions have been stronger. Where I used to feel a slight discomfort, now I have an anxious feeling of hopelessness. But I also experience amazing moments of total life fulfillment that I had never experienced before. This way it is better than to feel the same all the time. In fact, I am a big optimist and those who know me can confirm that. But the only cheerful music I make are songs for children. Otherwise I am not that much interested in optimistic songs. Simply expressed – there was no effort to make the album especially colorful. It just happened to be like that. So, we will see, I am really interested in how the album will be received by the public.”

Full album:


Side A

1. Wrong Start 3:32
2. Plasma Generator 2:49
3. Her Sex Code 2:56
4. Human Centipede 4:54
5. This Is the Fake 3:39

Side B

1. Heart Cavernoma 3:08
2. No Heil Syndrome 3:28
3. The Last Time You Made Me Come back on the Coach 3:02
4. Zeroth 4:44
5. Sizrhen 2:57