Muchow, Jan P.
The Antagonist

  • Format: CD
  • Band: Muchow, Jan P.
  • Title: The Antagonist
  • Band's Origin: CS
  • Style: ambient Music, Soundtracks, compilation, male & female vocals
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2017
  • Recording Year: 2000-2016
  • Production Year: 2017
  • Record Company: Supraphon
  • Item's Number: SU 6386-2
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras: fold out cover
  • EAN: 099925638627
  • Weight: 84 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Supraphon Release Information

Jan P. Muchow is not only the founder of the cult Ecstasy of Saint Theresa and a sought-after producer and remixer, but also one of the most awarded composers of film music!

In twenty years, Muchow has composed music for more than thirty films. He even starred in several films and immediately became a symbol of part of the 90s generation with his acting debut in the lead role of “Šeptej” (Whisper).

Despite this, Muchow decided to devote himself exclusively to composing music in his film work. That this was the right decision is evidenced by the list of awards Muchow has received for his film music: four Czech Lion awards and another five unsuccessful nominations, the Czech Film Critics’ Prize and the Sun in the Net of the Slovak Film Academy.

A selection of the best, with an emphasis on film songs, is currently being released on an album called “The Antagonist”. Listeners can look forward to purely instrumental incidental music as well as songs written exclusively for individual films. For example, the now legendary “Lucky Boy” from “Samotáři” (The Loners), the dark ballad “Lay Down” from “Ve stínu” (In the Shadow), the current “Cowboy of the River” from “Teorie tygra” (The Tiger Theory) or the western “Out of Shadow” from the Polish film “Yuma”.

All in all, we got seventeen recordings that we know from the films “Samotáři” (The Loners), Ve stínu” (In the Shadow), “Teorie tygra” (Theory of the Tiger), “Grandhotel”, “Muži v naději” (Men in Hope), “Yuma”, “My 2”, “Jedna ruka netleská” (One Hand Does not Clap), “Normal”, “Václav” (Wenceslas) and others. The result is a varied musical palette of emotions and moods, in which the individual compositions work independently and together as a whole. It’s a listening experience both fragile and vigorous, varied and minimalist. Exactly as befits and belongs to a representative collection that underlines Muchow’s exceptional position on the domestic music scene and among local film music composers.


1. Yuma Opening Theme (Yuma) – ℗ 2012
2. Only Joking (Jedna ruka netleská) – ℗ 2003
3. I’ll Dream on (Yuma) – ℗ 2012
4. A Beach (Normal) – ℗ 2009
5. Lucky Boy (Samotáři) – ℗ 2000
6. As if (Jedna ruka netleská) – ℗ 2003
7. Milost (Václav) – ℗ 2007
8. Silver Moon (Teorie tygra) – ℗ 2016
9. All of this (My 2) – ℗ 2014
10. Woke up in a Dream (Muži v naději) – ℗ 2011
11. Out of Shadows (Yuma) – ℗ 2012
12. Lay down (Ve stínu) – ℗ 2012
13. Prostě jako bude pršet (Grandhotel) – ℗ 2006
14. So Beautiful (Samotáři) – ℗ 2000
15. Cowboy of the River (Teorie tygra) – ℗ 2016
16. Goodbye Troubles II. (Jedna ruka netleská) – ℗ 2003
17. For that Moment (Samotáři) – ℗ 2000