Crveni Koralji
Greatest Hits Collection

  • Format: LP
  • Band: Crveni Koralji
  • Title: Greatest Hits Collection
  • Band's Origin: YU
  • Style: Beat, compilation
  • Rating: 4/3
  • Release Year: 2019
  • Recording Year: 1964-2008
  • Production Year: 2019
  • Record Company: Croatia Records
  • Item's Number: 2LP 6084166
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras: red 180 gram vinyl, fold out cover, inner sleeves
  • EAN: 3850126084166
  • Weight: 599 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Croatia Records Release Information

One of the most important Yugoslavian beat groups, Crveni Koralji (Red Corals), got its “Greatest Hits Collection” vinyl edition a year after the CD version.

Considering that they were one of the few who had instrumental and vocal-instrumental careers, both extremely successful, so that they sold large quantities of their singles, EPs and LPs, the new unique collector’s edition is divided into three thematic parts: the most successful instrumentals, the biggest vocal-instrumental hits and the most successful cover verions of foreign beat standards. For the first time, their version of Roboti’s (The Robots) big cover hit, “Mramor, kamen i zeljezo” (Marble, Stone and Iron = Marmor, Stein und Eisen bricht by the German singer Drafi Deutscher), was released on audio. And unlike the CD version, this edition has one additional song, “Maštenja (Fantasies = Don’t Talk to Him)”, a hit from the great EP “Napuljska gitara” (Neapolitan Guitar) from 1964.

The exclusive and expanded edition consists of a double 180 gram red vinyl with 27 songs that were released then for Jugoton Zagreb and PGP RTS Belgrade, instrumental and commercial vocal-instrumental hits with accompanying lyrics, including the instrumental gems “Napuljska gitara” (Neapolitan Guitar), “Najljepši san” (The Most Beautiful Dream), “Ponoć je prošla” (Midnight Has Passed) and “Johnny Guitar”, the ultimate author’s hits “Ne pitajte za nju” (Don’t Ask about Her), “Mirjana”, “Neka život teče” (Let Life Flow) and “Izgubljenoj ljubavi” (Lost Love) and covers that brought the world beat sound closer to our audience, such as “Mnogo značiš za moj život, draga” (You Mean a Lot to My Life, Dear = Welcome to My House), “Kad bih bio drvosječa” (If I Were a Carpenter), “Volim je” (And I Love Her) and “Dolazak (Arrival = Y’arriva)”.

27 songs that marked the rich career of one of the most popular beat bands in Yugoslavia. And in order to tear these songs from oblivion, to bring them closer to new generations, but also to remind them of the creativity of the Yugoslavian beat and rock scene, primarily in the 60s and 70s of the last century, the greatest hits of the most creative period of Crveni Koralji are now available as part of the “Greatest Hits Collection” series. The edition itself contains a poster of Crveni Koralji, which will remind the older generations of the former band members, but also of this golden asset of Yugoslavian music.

“The songs of Crveni Koralji are the most faithful record of an old time, the very beginnings of rock and roll and beat in Yugoslavia. Fate chose them to bring the spirit of The Beatles, The Shadows, Cliff Richard and other giants of the world beat scene to our country. Through their music, this great five created their own recognizable sound, which is as incredible today as it was in the past, and the lyrics, mostly written by the frontman Boris Babarović, created unforgettable sentiments from Crveni Koralji’s songs that have become an integral part of the lives of many generations. It is time to revive not only their music, but also an entire period of music that must not be forgotten but passed on to the heirs who will know how to appreciate and respect the foundations that bands like Crveni Koralji firmly had laid”, says the music editor of Croatia Records, Nikola Knežević, who dedicated this edition to the recently deceased drummer of the band’s original line-up, Josip “Medi” Badrić, who was looking forward to the return of Crveni Koralji on vinyl, but unfortunately he didn’t get to see this moment.

“As long as there are feelings, love, partings and meetings, and they will be forever, as long as people talk about stage performances and analyze and retell artistic biographies, as long as they listen to good old rock’n’roll, heroes will be mentioned in these stories about their performances with which they captivated the audience. Thus, like a sparkling light, the desire to listen to the songs of Crveni Koralji will return again and again,” Natalija Cajić, the editor of Jugoton-Croatia Records, wrote back in 2016 for the purposes of the edition of the compilation “The Ultimate Collection Greatest Hits.”

Full album:


Side A

1. Napuljska gitara – ℗ 1964 2:12
2. Najljepši san – ℗ 1964 1:58
3. Perfidia – ℗ 1965 2:19
4. Zvjezdana noć (Cozy) – ℗ 1964 2:56
5. Ponoć je prošla – ℗ 1964 2:28
6. Tema mladih ljubavnika (Theme for Young Lovers) – ℗ 1965 2:33
7. Johnny Guitar – ℗ 1966 3:25

Side B

1. Pismo – ℗ 1965 3:22
2. Neka život teče – ℗ 1972 3:08
3. Kada shvatim – ℗ 1986 3:58
4. Nemoj reći zbogom – ℗ 1968 3:22
5. Mirjana – ℗ 1966 3:08
6. Rekla si: Volimo se – ℗ 1964 3:03
7. Izgubljenoj ljubavi – ℗ 1966 2:59

Side C

1. Ne pitajte za nju – ℗ 1967 2:45
2. Mnogo značiš za moj život, draga (Welcome to My House) – ℗ 1970 3:20
3. Kad bih bio drvosječa (If I Were a Carpenter) – ℗ 1968 2:24
4. Dok je drugi ljubi (Then He Kissed Me) – ℗ 1964 2:35
5. Volim je (And I Love Her) – ℗ 1966 2:22
6. Sam (What’s They Gonna Do) – ℗ 1968 2:45
7. Moja Alice (Living Next Door to Alice) – ℗ 1986 2:37

Side D

1. Pogrešan broj (Lookin’ out My Back Door) – ℗ 1970 2:29
2. Otiđi od nje (You Better Move on) – ℗ 1965 3:58
3. Dolazak (Y’arriva) – ℗ 1964 2:39
4. Svega mi je dosta (It’s all over now) – ℗ 1965 2:47
5. Maštanje (Don’t Talk to Him) – ℗ 1964 2:26
6. Mramor, kamen i željezo (Mamor, Stein und Eisen bricht) – ℗ 2008 2:27