Električni Orgazam
Električni Orgazam

  • Format: LP
  • Band: Električni Orgazam
  • Title: Električni Orgazam
  • Band's Origin: YU
  • Style: Punk
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2021
  • Recording Year: 1981?
  • Production Year: 1981/2021
  • Record Company: Croatia Records
  • Item's Number: LP 6096572
  • Color of the Label: black/silver 1
  • Edition: 2021
  • Extras: yellow 180 gram vinyl, fold out cover, booklet
  • EAN: 3850126096572
  • Weight: 436 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Croatia Records Release Information

The celebration of 40 years of Yugoslavian new wave started at 22 January 2021.

Four decades of the most important musical movement in the history of the Yugoslavian music scene were celebrated with four luxurious vinyl reissues that will remind many of the brilliant eighties, and let new generations know that this is something that has never been and will never be reached, not to say surpassed. The first albums of Električni Orgazam (Electric Orgasm) and Haustor (Front Door), the first and only album of Šarlo Akrobata (Šarlo the Acrobat), “Bistriji ili tuplji čovek biva kad... ” (A Person Becomes Clearer or Duller when...), and the compilation “Paket aranžman” (Package Arrangement) by Električni Orgazam, Idoli (The Idols) and Šarlo Akrobata are the best examples of that brilliance and creative flourishing in gloomy times, and the reason why we are still talking about all this today.

As for the exclusive content, all vinyl reissues come in a richly packed gatefold sleeve, which, in addition to the vinyls in different colors, also contains interviews with band members, producers, sound recorders, managers, music critics, journalists and other actors of the new wave scenes at the time. In addition, rare photos, clippings from magazines and a never-before-published part of the Jugoton / Croatia Records archive related to these releases are also part of these releases. All albums come with a download card for the mp3 version of the songs remastered from the original tapes by Goran Martinac at the Croatia Records Studio.

The cult “Paket aranžman”, which comes on red vinyl, contains texts by the long-time editor of Jugoton, Siniša Škarica, the author of the original album cover, Branko Gavrić, the music critics Petar “Peca” Popović and Momčilo “Moma” Rajin, as well as interviews with Srđan “Gile” Gojković (Električni Orgazam), Zdenko Kolar (Idoli) and Miroslav “Cvele” Cvetković (Bajaga i Instruktori, sound recorder of “Paket aranžman”). Of course, there are also photos of Goran Vejvoda.

The legendary first and only album of the musical trio Šarlo Akrobata, “Bistriji ili tuplji čovek biva kad...”, comes on white vinyl, packaged also with a booklet consisting of photos and a text by Goran Vejvoda, texts by the music critics Petar Luković, Aleksandar Žikić and Momčilo Rajin and interviews with Jurij Toni, the producer of the album and Nenad “Kele” Krasavac, the manager of Šarlo Akrobata.

The first album of Električni Orgazam, “Električni Orgazam”, was recorded by the then line-up of the band, which afterwards played only for the celebration of 35 years of the band in Belgrade in 2015. For this occasion, we bring interviews with all the members of the original line-up, Srđan “Gile” Gojković, Ljubomir “Jovec” Jovanović, Ljubomir “Ljuba” Đukić and Marina Geraghty (born Vulić), as well as texts by the producer of the album Ivan “Piko” Stančić and the music critic Petar Luković and photos by Goran Vejvoda . The album has been reissued on yellow vinyl.

One of the most important representatives of new wave in Zagreb, the group Haustor, and according to many their best album, the self-titled Haustor, are back on white transparent vinyl, which has also been accompanied by rich content. The booklet of the release contains interviews with the members of the band’s first line-up, Srđan Sacher, Darko Rundek and Ozren Štiglić, and there are also additional texts by the album’s producer, Husein “Hus” Hasanefendić, the sound recorder Hrvoje Hegedušić and the then editor-in-chief of Jugoton, Dubravko Majnarić. The publication also includes photos of Sanda Hržić and Andrija Zelmanović.

The editor of all four reissues has been Nikola Knežević, the project assistant and logistical support Frane Tomašić, and the artistic design along with the restoration of the original covers has been done by the graphic designer Darko Kujundžić. Siniša Škarica has been the supervisor of the “Paket aranžman” reissue. In addition to these rereleases, CMC Television in cooperation with Croatia Records premiered a documentary that follows the events surrounding these four albums, but also the new wave in general 40 years after this musical movement.

Along with the celebration of 40 years of new wave, a campaign was launched to create lyric videos for all the songs of the aforementioned albums, produced by CroRec Digital. All lyric videos are available on the YouTube channels of Croatia Records and Jugoton Music. The entire campaign of Croatia Records on the occasion of the celebration of 40 years of new wave is accompanied by the newly published box set edition Novi talas/val on 6 CDs with 100 original songs chosen by the respected radio presenter of Radio 202 Belgrade and exceptional connoisseur of rock music and new wave, Olga Kepčija.

Full album: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdgFk-dTMiRgv4Q9d5yVJIDkMK0nJ8niJ


Side A

1. Električni orgazam 4:32
2. Konobar 2:09
3. Krokodili dolaze 3:37
4. Voda u moru 1:42
5. Infekcija 3:31

Side B

1. Vi 2:33
2. Fleke 2:27
3. I’ve Got a Feeling 2:30
4. Pojmove ne povezujem 2:46
5. Umetnost 1:49
6. Nebo 4:35