Mišík, Vladimír
Královský vecer / Royal Evening – Balady / Ballads / 1972-2010

  • Format: CD
  • Band: Mišík, Vladimír
  • Title: Královský vecer / Royal Evening – Balady / Ballads / 1972-2010
  • Band's Origin: CS
  • Style: progressive Rock, compilation
  • Rating: 4
  • Release Year: 2014
  • Recording Year: 1972-2012
  • Production Year: 2014
  • Record Company: Supraphon
  • Item's Number: SU 6248-2
  • Color of the Label:
  • Edition:
  • Extras: book cover
  • EAN: 099925624828
  • Weight: 126 g
  • Visual: new
  • Acoustic:
  • Cover: new

Supraphon Release Information

There are compilations, and then there are Compilations, and this compilation indisputably ranks among those with a capital “C”! Vladimír Mišík himself selected for it songs that can be branded as ballads, working with texts, or rather poems, whose settings are his major contributions to Czech rock music.

The graphic artist Karel Haloun, Mišík’s most frequent partner when it comes to putting music into comely sleeves, turned the DVD pack into a real book in terms of layout and format. The complete lyrics, also furnished with Jan Novák’s English translations, are accompanied by a set of prints originally created directly for Mišík’s songs.

The collection includes settings of poetry by František Gellner, Václav Hrabe, Josef Kainar, as well as Jirí Suchý and Jirí Dedecek. Mišík’s greatest solo hits (Proc ta ruže uvadá, Stríhali dohola malého chlapecka, Variace na renesancní téma, Já a dým) are supplemented by songs that complete the well-considered whole (Balada, the titular Královský vecer, Romeo se kácí, Kdybych už mel umrít, Sochy, Co jsem si vzal, Sadem, lesem, parkem).

Although you may know the songs, Mišík’s “copyright” for their specific choice, a new remastering and combination with the splendid illustrations make it much more than a run-of-the-mill Best of. The album serves as a document of the time, the people, the music; it is a treat to listen to, read and simply behold, and not only for those who grew up on the artist’s popular singles or major albums. The splendidly packaged compilation comes with a 52-page booklet, which also contains Ondrej Bezr’s interviews with Vladimír Mišík and Karel Haloun.

Mišík’s finest ballads in an exquisite package!


1. Balada / A Ballad 3:34
2. Proc ta ruže uvadá / Why Is that Rose Fading 3:55
3. Co jsem si vzal / What I Have Claimed 3:38
4. Noc / Night 1:54
5. Romeo se kácí / Romeo Is Tumbling 3:42
6. Královský vecer / Royal Evening 4:41
7. Sadem, lesem, parkem / Across an Orchard, Woods and Park 3:35
8. Stríhali dohola malého chlapecka / They Shaved a Small Boy’s Head 3:49
9. Sochy / Statues 3:12
10. Variace na renesancní téma / A Variation on a Renaissance Theme 3:36
11. Kdybych už mel umrít / And if My Time to Die Has Come 3:16
12. Já a dým / Smoke and I 4:53